While many brands on the market today are considered fast fashion labels, meaning they sell their products for cheap prices, and as a result exploit workers around the world, deplete our planet's natural resources at exponential rates resulting in a massive amount of waste, Nomad Nextdoor aims to do just the opposite. 

We are planet + people focused, so we do our best to produce all of our products in a way that is both sustainable and ethical. 

Our Bali Bag collection is one example. We work directly with families of artisans in Bali who have been hand-making rattan bags for generations. Each bag takes about one month to make, and is created using local materials (ie: Ata grass to weave the bags, Balinese batik fabric). The craftsmen are paid fair wages, and have the freedom to work from their homes and tend to their families simultaneously. 

By supporting craftsmen in developing communities, Nomad Nextdoor is able to make a positive impact on their social and economic well-being. Without businesses who are willing to work with them and pay fair wages, many of these people struggle to survive.

We want you to feel good about who and what you are supporting, so you can shop with confidence!