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It all began in the summer of 2017, when San Diego Native, Kristy, quit her 9-5 job, sold everything, and bought a one way ticket to Southeast Asia. Somewhere between the ancient temples, monkey forests, and volcanic sand beaches she found herself constantly mixed into the neighborhood markets, connecting with local craftsmen.

It was the Fall of 2018 when she was traveling through Bali after a year on the road. She was in a local market talking with a Balinese woman whose family had been hand-weaving bags for generations when an idea sparked. She looked into the woman’s eyes and could see the gratitude expressed in her smile when she told her she wanted to buy a bag. It was in that moment when Kristy thought to herself, ‘what if I could support her not just once, but continually in the future.’

During her travels she had met many artisans who expressed a great deal of passion and love for their craft, and produced some mind-blowing pieces as a result. She always thought it would be cool if she could share their stories and their unique items with the rest of the world. Not only could it create sustainable jobs, but it would give them the opportunity to have their voices heard globally, something that's very rare, as most of the artisans have never left their local regions before. 

Fast forward to one day later and Kristy was on her way to a tiny village in East Bali to visit the families who make the bags. Little did she know, this was only the beginning of Nomad Nextdoor the Bazaar.

Nomad Nextdoor is more than just a brand, it’s a global movement to bring people together. Nomad Nextdoor signifies that in this world, we are all neighbors. We all come from different walks of life, speak different languages, have different stories, but at the end of the day, we are all connected. We are Humankind.

So let’s be human and lets be kind. Let's celebrate in what we have, and let's support each other in what we lack. The future of our world depends on the global community we build today.





At Nomad Nextdoor, our mission is to find unique, ethically crafted items created by artisans from around the world to bring to you. In each region, we travel to the markets to seek out unique pieces and connect with local craftsmen. We then visit their workshops which are often located in their homes or in nearby villages, to learn more about their specific craft and determine if we can collaborate. We work only with artisans who demonstrate ethical practices, feel passionately about their trade, and have a high-quality standard. With every purchase from Nomad Nextdoor, we want you to feel confident in who and what you are supporting.